Railway Modelling Experts

Layout services, electronics, laser cut kits and tools for model railways

Railway Modelling Experts Ltd. (RME) was formed by Pete Brownlow, John Gowers and Chris Noble, a group of Model Railway Enthusiasts

We have a wide range of Model Railway expertise between us.

We have particular expertise in electronics and digital control, and we are all members of the Model Electronics Railway Group (MERG)

Please CONTACT US if you would like any further information about us or how we may help with your model railway

Electronics from RME

Many of the items on this website are electronics modules, either bare PCB or a kit of parts.
All such items were designed by us, or are available here at the request of the designer.

These items are available here largely as a service to MERG members,
so that they can obtain newer or more specialist designs that are not (yet) available from the MERG kit locker

We are always happy if the MERG kit locker team would like to take on any of our designs and develop them as full MERG kits,
and we will acatively work with the MERG kit locker team for any such developments

Note that we do not intend to duplicate or compete with the excellent MERG kit locker.
If a module becomes availble directly from MERG, we will discontinue it on this website

Note that all items on this website are supplied by RME, not by MERG.
All transactions here are with RME and not with MERG directly.
RME is responsible for after sales support and MERG itself has no liability for any aspect of these items.
If you have any concerns, please CONTACT US